Data and Technology

To address different phenomena of interest at the right scale and with the correct resolution (both spatial and temporal) we use the data and the data collection methods that are the best fit for the purpose.

Both optical and radar remote sensing methods provide data at very large scales globally. We can map, analyse, and monitor several environmental indicators (e.g. water quality, water temperature, bathymetry, land cover, and land use).


Where a higher spatial resolution and more frequent visit is required, together with our local partners, we use drones for data collection (e.g. bleaching events, illegal boat traffic, post disaster damage assessment).


Field data collected locally enriches our analysis and models and is also used for validation and accuracy assessment of our products. (e.g. water quality indicators, bleaching reports, land cover samples and species distribution).



We utilize a combination of technology and methods to derive information from data and to provide stakeholders with actionable insights. Our key areas of expertise include:

Geospatial Analysis

Geographical information systems

Remote Sensing

Image analysis, mapping and classification

AI and Data Science

Change detection, pattern recognition