What is DORY Coastal Data Viewer?
DORY is an online platform for viewing data describing the past and present conditions in coastal environments (marine and terrestrial). It also gives access to results of analysis performed on these data to extract insights which may not be immediately visible.

Why was DORY developed?
DORY was developed to support the conservation and restoration of coastal environments. It reduces the barriers for practitioners to access spatial data and information to support their decision making by:
– Allowing the user to easily access and view and inspect relevant spatial data and satellite imagery that are publicly available through various services (e.g. governmental data stores, publicly funded data portals, and Copernicus services)
– Providing user with the derived information such as timeseries analysis and statistics over these data in an easy-access central location,
– Providing clear explanations of the significance of the available data and a guide to their interpretation.

What kind of data can be viewed in DORY?
DORY contains both descriptive datasets, as well as datasets that are the result of analyses performed on those datasets.
The descriptive datasets include static ones that describe the unchanging (or slow changing) coastal environments as well as datasets that display the constantly changing properties of coastal waters.
The data in the viewer is sourced from third parties (publicly available data), Marmoris and her partners, and the user themselves if they choose to upload any proprietary data.
Specific data attributions can be found in the data catalogue.

Who is DORY meant for?
DORY is designed to be useful for anyone involved in coastal conservation, from planners to practitioners working in the field who have an interest in utilizing spatial data for their work and are looking for an easy way to access and display all relevant information that does not require any technical skills.

Who is behind DORY?
DORY is an initiative of Marmoris. It uses open-source software (TerriaMap) developed by Data61.

Where can I get help using DORY?
For help using DORY please refer to the “help” button in the top-right corner of the application. Alternatively, contact